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Unite in 2013!

1 Jan

We are living in precarious times.  Our black and white reality, the reality that we depended upon to move throughout life and make decisions, is no longer clear.  Every connection, every decision, everything we thought was real must now be second-guessed. Those people you thought represented everything you despised are now your confidants and those who you thought were your allies represent a world you no longer recognize.  The food that you have depended upon to feed your family and keep you healthy is no longer food that your grandparents ate and can’t be trusted.  The clouds in the sky appear as tic-tac-toe and our weather patterns turn noticeably unnatural.  The water we all need to survive on this planet is being infused with chemicals and controlled by outside forces.  Our medicine is no longer about keeping people healthy but appears to be more an effort to ensure we stay sick.  And our television, newspapers and most forms of media are attempts to manipulate our reality so that we value worthless objects, admire empty characters and feel separate from each other.  

Well we no longer buy it; this defunct sense of reality that no longer serves us. And it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to come together and make decisions based on a world that WE want. We need to wake up to the fact that we no longer need false figures and values to define our world and ask ourselves what kind of world we want to create?  What do we value?  Who do we care for?  How do we spend our time? It’s as if we have an empty slate.

I’ll be honest.  Change is uncomfortable.  Humans find comfort in that which we know and have experienced.  And the old world will attempt to grip your attention to meet their fixed, insane reality. Are you ready to turn off the Hollywood style freak-show meant to distract you and to keep us from turning to each other? We can show those who haven’t woken up yet that they no longer have to live there and that there are options.  Are you ready to do what’s necessary? Are you ready to meet in the streets and look into each others eyes? Are you ready to get to work? Signing on-line petitions can be done in the comfort of our own home but they keep us from uniting in any meaningful way. This new reality will require real effort.  We need to meet face to face as we plan and create.  And it will require energy from each and every one of us. The truth is, the answers to our new reality lie in what we’ve all been waiting for.  We find our way to each other.   

See you in the streets.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world.  ~Gandhi